About P2S

P2S (Prepared 2 Survive), a UK Prepper and Survival community, was formed on the 7th April 2009 following a discussion in the Survival section on the "Above Top Secret" forums. Initially we tried a free hosted forum but quickly out grew it. I then purchased a VBulletin forum license and dedicated hosting. We quickly grew to be one of the busiest "preparedness and survival" forums in the UK.

We have always adopted a private community where we could offer our members privacy from prying eyes and search engines. Not because we discussed anything illegal but because we are a community of like minded people and we encourage participation and do not want our information available to just anyone.

In March 2022 our VB forum was at end of life and so I bit the bullet and created these forums using phpbb so we can continue to provide a more modern environment for our membership.

The old forums at www.p2s-prepared2survive.co.uk remain hosted and available for those that originally signed up there (new registrations are switched off). After all, there are over 400,000 posts and 28,000 threads so it makes sense to retain it for reference and just because...