What is a prepper?

General information and opinion regarding UK Prepping, Preparedness, Survival and Self Reliance.
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What is a prepper?

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Not so long ago a prepper or survivalist was deemed to be someone with right wing tendencies, wearing camo, a pessimist who expects doomsday scenarios, has a years worth of supplies and has plans to overcome every disaster imaginable. From global pandemic to WW3.

Now the truth is that in the UK, a prepper or survivalist looks just like any other person. They come from all walks of life, have a multitude of political views, left, right, centre and green... Have jobs, hobbies, friends and family and enjoy all the other categories that "normal" people enjoy.

The main difference is that they know that they are responsible for their own wellbeing and that of their families. They do not expect the state to do everything for them. They also realise that the world we live in can sometimes be a bad place and that lady Luck can sometimes frown upon them.

Having enough food and supplies to last them a fortnight is just common sense. Isn't it? I mean, if they caught flu they don't have to venture out for supplies. If they are unlucky enough to find themselves out of work they can fall back on their supplies.

If they get stuck in a traffic jam caused by severe weather they have appropriate warm clothes, a blanket and some food and drink to tide them over. If they have to walk they have sensible shoes or boots in the boot of their vehicle.

Prepping is just the same as having an insurance policy. It's there for bad times but doesn't mean you want bad times to happen. Much the same as you might have contents insurance. You have it just in case, not because you want to be burgled...

A prepper is someone that prepares, they practice preparedness, they think about logical risks and put in place plans to mitigate that risk.
Let our advance worrying become advance thinking and planning.
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